Former provisional licence holder Behzad Vaghei ordered to stop offering and providing professional engineering services

On May 26, 2015, Judge Grant R. Dow of the Superior Court of Justice ordered Behzad Vaghei of Toronto, Ontario, operating under the business name “P.Eng. Design & Drafting Services” (now known as Design & Drafting Services Inc.) to stop using terms, titles and descriptions restricted to professional engineers and authorized professional engineering firms.

Although Vaghei had held a PEO provisional licence from December 2013 to December 2014, he had never held an unrestricted licence and had never been authorized to provide professional engineering services to the public. However, several individuals had come forward regarding Vaghei’s advertisements on various classified ad websites, which prominently used the restricted abbreviation “P.Eng.” and provided further evidence that Vaghei had held himself out as a professional engineer and had undertaken work that required a professional engineer’s seal. He also maintained a website with the domain name “” which has since been taken down.

Jeffrey Haylock of Toronto law firm PolleyFaith LLP represented PEO in this matter.