Responding to Mr. Baigent

As the deputy registrar of regulatory compliance at PEO, I’d like to respond to the letter “Decrease in discipline?” in the January/February 2016 issue of Engineering Dimensions (p. 58). The number of complaints filed annually at PEO has remained consistent over the last five years, averaging 70 complaints each year. The number of discipline matters referred each year has also remained fairly consistent, averaging six per year. These statistics, as well as others, are reported annually in PEO’s annual review. The Discipline Committee endeavours to issue its written decisions as quickly as possible following a hearing; however, some decisions take longer than others. This results in a flow of decisions for publication in Gazette that is not consistent. Editorial discretion is also sometimes exercised to make best use of the “blue pages,” based on the length of decisions, to fill the centre page spread. This can result in some issues of Engineering Dimensions not including any discipline decisions.

Linda Latham, P.Eng., deputy registrar, regulatory compliance, PEO