Returning to print

To help you keep the cost of the membership low, I suggested 10 years ago to go online with Engineering Dimensions and for only those engineers who didn’t have Internet access to receive a hard copy.

Ten years later, I receive a hard copy again! As per the Editor’s Note (Engineering Dimensions, January/February 2016, p. 6), this is one of the new developments in our profession–reverting to the print edition as the default delivery method?! No explanation, reasoning or rationale?!

Actually, I did find a reason for the new delivery method in the letter “Return to print” on page 57: we are going back to a hard copy because your digital version is not user-friendly. Do I understand this well?

On another note, while Justin Trudeau is appointing 15 women positions in his cabinet, making up half of the total of his 31-person cabinet, we have 19 candidates for our council and ALL OF THEM ARE MEN?!

Out of curiosity, I checked the pictures in the January/February 2016 issue of Engineering Dimensions: a woman on the cover, a woman on the “Hire Waterloo for all your talent needs” ad; a woman on the University of Waterloo “Time for an upgrade” ad; three women P.Engs recognized for achievements, etc.…but no women candidates for our council. Weird…or not?

Marijana Bulatovic, P.Eng., Toronto, ON