CPD task force looking to implementation options

PEO’s new Continuing Professional Competence Program (CP)2 Task Force is now three meetings into developing the Continuing Professional Development, Competence and Quality Assurance (CPDCQA) Task Force’s vision for a risk-based continuing professional development (CPD) program into a viable, member-supported system. The CPDCQA Task Force completed its work in November 2015.

The new task force met on February 29, March 31, and April 25.

Chaired by Annette Bergeron, P.Eng., FEC, who for nearly two years headed the CPDCQA Task Force, the new body is focusing on a timeline for when an online risk review and CPD reporting program for PEO members might be rolled out.

According to the council-approved terms of reference, the task force is also looking to fine-tune the weighted criteria each member would use to review the risk a member’s engineering practice might pose to the public.

PEO has long established that risk to the public would determine what level of CPD a member should be expected to attain. Each member would then pursue professional development opportunities most relevant to their situation. PEO has assured members that mandatory CPD requirements will not be implemented without approval through a member referendum.

At its most recent meeting, the (CP)2 Task Force volunteers discussed some of the key objectives they hope to meet before November 2016, reviewed the risk review questionnaire, and looked at requirements for online risk review and activity reporting.

A short presentation on the task force’s work to date was presented at PEO’s annual general meeting on April 30. The task force is also scheduled to update PEO council on its work at the council retreat in early June. A Frequently Asked Questions document based on questions from the seven President’s Town Hall meetings last fall is being developed for publishing to the PEO website.