Members elect Bob Dony as president-elect

On March 4, PEO received the official council elections results revealing Bob Dony, PhD, P.Eng., has been elected to the office of president-elect. He will be president for the 2017-2018 term.

Patrick Quinn, PhD (hons), P.Eng., FEC, also a former PEO president (1999-2000 and 2006-2007), will serve a second year as vice president for the 2016-2017 term. Quinn, elected vice president for 2015-2016, was acclaimed going into this year’s elections.

The new council, including 2016-2017 President George Comrie, P.Eng., FEC, and the following newly elected and acclaimed councillors, took office on April 30 at PEO’s annual general meeting in Toronto.

  • Councillor-at-Large Christian Bellini, P.Eng., FEC
  • Eastern Region Councillor Guy Boone, P.Eng.
  • East Central Region Councillor Noubar Takessian, P.Eng., FEC
  • Northern Region Councillor Michael Wesa, P.Eng. (acclaimed)
  • West Central Region Councillor Danny Chui, P.Eng., FEC
  • Western Region Councillor Gary Houghton, P.Eng., FEC

At the first meeting of council on April 30, David Brown, P.Eng., BDS, C.E.T., was appointed to the position of vice president elected by and from the members of council, and Marilyn Spink, P.Eng., and Changiz Sadr, P.Eng., FEC, were elected as additional members of the Executive Committee.

How you voted


Bob Dony                                                                                   3611
Peter DeVita                                                                             2814
Nicholas Colucci                                                                       1710

Vice president

Patrick Quinn                                                                 acclaimed


Christian Bellini                                                                      4229
Fred Saghezchi                                                                        3852

Eastern Region councillor

Guy Boone                                                                                  648
Tim Kirkby                                                                                  421
Orijit Pandit                                                                                324

East Central Region councillor

Noubar Takessian                                                                     1113
Peter Cushman                                                                           950

Northern Region councillor

Michael Wesa                                                                  acclaimed

 Western Region councillor

Gary Houghton                                                                         1024 
Miguel Pelletier                                                                          334
Vaj Banday                                                                                  320
Amin Mali                                                                                    106

West Central Region councillor

Danny Chui                                                                                 719
James Chisholm                                                                        654
Galal Abdelmessih                                                                    382