is live!

When a movie wildly exceeds expectations at the box office, I tend to think about how great all the directors, actors, gaffers and grips must feel to have produced something people like. But anyone who works on a movie or other project realizes things can easily take a wrong turn at Albuquerque, too. So, it’s always a tense moment when you release something you’ve worked hard on. Will they like it? Will they hate it?

While maybe not quite on the scale of Star Wars: Episode VII, this issue we bring you the launch of our new Engineering Dimensions web edition–an idea sparked from the feedback of members.

In the years since the digital edition launched, we’ve heard lots of comments through various channels that, for some, this platform presents challenges. Some find the text too difficult to read at a glance, or on a particular device, while some with poor Internet service find it takes too long to load. Others–especially younger P.Engs and engineering interns–love the digital edition’s ability to electronically replicate the experience of reading a physical magazine.

But our goal is to make sure everyone receives their official PEO publication in the way that makes them want to read it. So, a while back we realized we had to come up with a more pared-down, online version of Engineering Dimensions for members who didn’t want the print edition out of concern for the environment (or clutter in their mailbox), but didn’t especially love the digital edition either, whatever the reason.

The web edition provides something in between–it’s paperless, online, at-the-ready and user-friendly for members who want to grab information quickly, although it’s designed to supplement the print and digital editions, not replace them. It provides:

  • easy-to-access, text-only articles in a website format familiar to most;
  • the most time-sensitive information presented front and centre;
  • reader-friendly font size (that can easily be increased by customizing your personal computer or device display settings); and
  • compatibility with most text-to-speech readers.

The web edition isn’t the only exciting change in store for the magazine in the next while. A recent council decision has updated the editorial objectives for the magazine, which opens the door to covering many more topics than we previously could. The complete editorial objectives for Engineering Dimensions (particularly important to review if you would like to submit something for publication) are available at

Finally, we’re also in the early stages of a redesign. Our new look will debut with our January/February 2017 issue.