(CP)2 Task Force to recommend practice profile for licence holders

It is expected that PEO’s Continuing Professional Competence Program (CP)2 Task Force will recommend to council that licence holders, beginning in 2017, complete a practice profile to provide PEO with an accurate and up-to-date synopsis on its licence holders that will enable the association to more effectively carry out its role as regulator of the profession.

The proposed initiative would request licence holders to complete an online practice evaluation questionnaire and ethics module, and voluntarily report the number of hours spent on continuing professional development (CPD) activities during the past year. Under the proposal, information gathered through the online questionnaire would also be used to determine the recommended number of hours of professional development activity each practitioner should annually undertake to maintain a level of knowledge and skill commensurate with safeguarding the public interest. Licence holders who complete elements of the annual practice profile would be identified in PEO’s online directory.

Task force members say it’s likely premature to move forward with any form of compulsory CPD program without having sufficient information about what licence holders may already be doing on their own. As such, the task force would like the regulator to gather more data on the ongoing professional development activities of licence holders before advocating for the adoption of a compulsory program.

The task force intends to present its final report and recommendations to PEO council at its November meeting, at which point council will determine the next steps.

In the meantime, PEO’s information technology department is working with the task force to prepare the beta (CP)2  website, which will contain the practice evaluation questionnaire and record details of a licence holder’s professional practice.

(CP)2 Task Force Chair Annette Bergeron, P.Eng., FEC, says focus group testing for the questionnaire has been completed and the task force will incorporate the feedback into the beta site, which will then be made available to licence holders in the fall for further review and testing.