Where we stand

I want to congratulate George Comrie on his President’s Message “Competence assurance for professional engineers” in the current issue of Engineering Dimensions (November/December 2016, p. 3).

The issue of continuing professional development or continuing professional competence has been a topic of debate on PEO council for as long as I’ve been a member (since 1968) and during the time (25 years) I served as a PEO staff member. There have been innumerable PEO task forces, committees, referenda and debates on this topic over five decades and now I’m pleased to see the yardsticks have moved to the goal line—almost.

Your article is the clearest, most concise and persuasive summary of where the profession stands on this important issue that I have seen. I suggest that your article or an edited excerpt of the same be incorporated into the professional practice and ethics material in Ontario engineering student curriculum. 

Stephen Jack, P.Eng., Toronto, ON