2018 election publicity procedures


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This chart shows important dates to renumber for the 2018 council elections
Note: All times indicated in these procedures are Eastern Time.
  1. Names of nominated candidates will be published to PEO’s website as soon as their nomination is verified.
  2. Names of all nominated candidates will be forwarded to members of Council, chapter chairs and committee chairs, and published on PEO’s website, by December 4, 2017.
  3. Candidates will have complete control over the content of all their campaign material, including material for publication in Engineering Dimensions, on PEO’s website, and on their own websites. Candidates are reminded candidate material is readily available to the public and should be in keeping with the dignity of the profession at all times. Material will be published with a disclaimer. The chief elections officer may seek a legal opinion prior to publishing/posting of any material if the chief elections officer believes campaign material could be deemed libelous. The chief elections officer has the authority to reject the campaign material if so advised by legal counsel.
  4. Candidate material may contain personal endorsements provided there is a clear disclaimer indicating that the endorsements are personal and do not reflect or represent the endorsement of PEO Council, a PEO chapter or committee, or any organization with which an individual providing an endorsement is affiliated.
  5. Candidates will have discretion over the presentation of their material for the purpose of publishing in Engineering Dimensions, including but not limited to font style, size and effects, and are each allocated the equivalent of one-half page, including border, in Engineering Dimensions (6.531 inches wide x 4.125 inches in height) in which to provide their election material. A template for this purpose is included in Schedule A of these procedures. If candidate submissions do not include a border, one will be added, as shown on the template. If submissions exceed the bordered one-half page, they will be mechanically reduced to fit within the border.
  6. Candidates will be permitted to include a photograph within their one-half page. Only photographs taken within the last five years will be accepted.
  7. All material for publishing on PEO’s website and in Engineering Dimensions must be submitted to the chief elections officer at elections@peo.on.ca in accordance with Schedule A attached. Candidates shall not use the PEO logo in their election material.
  8. Candidates’ material for publication in Engineering Dimensions and on the website, including URLs to candidates’ own websites, must be forwarded to the chief elections officer at the association’s offices or via email at elections@peo.on.ca no later than December 11, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. and in accordance with Schedule A attached. Candidate material will be considered confidential, and will be restricted to staff members required to arrange for publication, until published on PEO’s website. All candidates’ material will be published to PEO’s website at the same time.
  9. If campaign material is submitted by a candidate without identifying information, PEO staff are authorized to contact the candidate and ask if he/she wishes to resubmit material. If campaign material is received by the chief elections officer and returned to the candidate for amendment to comply with the election publicity procedures, and the amended material is not returned within the prescribed time, staff will publish the material with a notation explaining any necessary amendments by staff.
  10. Candidate publicity material will be published as a separate insert in the January/February 2018 issue of Engineering Dimensions and to PEO’s website in January 2018 and included in any hardcopy mailing to eligible voters with voting instructions. Links to candidate material on PEO’s website will be included in any electronic mailing to eligible voters.
  11. Candidates may publish additional information on PEO’s website, provided they email their material to the chief elections officer in the format set out in Schedule A. This material must be received by the chief elections officer no later than December 11, 2017.
  12. Candidates may submit updates to their material on PEO’s website once during the posting period. Any amendments to a candidate’s name/designations are to be considered part of the one-time update permitted to their material during the posting period. Candidates may include links to PEO publications, but not a URL link to a third party, in their material on PEO’s website. Links to PEO publications are not considered to be to a third party. For clarity, besides links to PEO publications, the only URL link that may be included in a candidate’s material on PEO’s website is a URL link to the candidate’s own website.
  13. Candidates may post more comprehensive material on their own websites, which will be linked from PEO’s website during the posting period. Candidates may include active links to their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in material appearing in Engineering Dimensions, published on PEO’s election site (i.e. the 1000-word additional information candidates may submit), or included in an eblast of candidate material.
  14. PEO will provide three group email distributions to members of candidate publicity material beyond the material published in Engineering Dimensions. Material to be included in an eblast must be submitted to the chief elections officer at elections@peo.on.ca in accordance with Schedule A.
  15. Candidates are responsible for responding to replies or questions generated by their email message.
  16. The chief elections officer is responsible for ensuring that all candidate material (whether for Engineering Dimensions, PEO’s website or eblasts) complies with these procedures. Where it is deemed the material does not satisfy these procedures, the chief elections officer will, within three full business days from receipt of the material by the association, notify the candidate or an appointed alternate, who is expected to be available during this period by telephone or email. The candidate or appointed alternate will have a further three full business days to advise the chief elections officer of the amendment. Candidates are responsible for meeting this deadline. Should a candidate fail to re-submit material within the three-business-day period, the candidate’s material will be published with a notation explaining any necessary amendments by staff.
  17. PEO will provide candidates the opportunity to participate in All Candidates Meetings, which will be held at PEO offices during the week of January 8, 2018. The All Candidates Meetings will be video recorded for posting on PEO’s website. On the day of the first All Canadidates Meeting, an eblast will be sent to members announcing that these video recordings will be posted on the PEO website within two business days.
  18. Caution is to be exercised in determining the content of issues of membership publications published during the voting period, including chapter newsletters. Editors are to ensure that no candidate is given additional publicity or opportunities to express viewpoints in issues of membership publications distributed during the voting period from January 19, 2018 until the close of voting on February 23, 2018 beyond his/her candidate material published in the January/February issue of Engineering Dimensions, and on the PEO website. This includes photos (with or without captions), references to, or quotes or commentary by, candidates in articles, letters to the editor, and opinion pieces. PEO’s communications vehicles should be, and should be seen to be, nonpartisan. The above does not prevent a PEO publication from including photos of candidates taken during normal PEO activities, e.g. licensing ceremonies, school activities, GLP events, etc., provided there is no expression of viewpoints. For greater clarity, no election-specific or election-related articles, including Letters to the Editor and President’s Message, are to be included in Engineering Dimensions during the voting period. Engineering Dimensions or other PEO publications may contain articles on why voting is important.
  19. Chapters may not endorse candidates, or expressly not endorse candidates, in print, on their websites or through their list servers, or at their membership meetings or activities during the voting period. Where published material does not comply with these procedures, the chief elections officer will cause the offending material to be removed if agreement cannot be reached with the chapter within the time available.
  20. Candidates may attend chapter annual general meetings and network during the informal portion of the meeting. Candidates are permitted to attend chapter functions in their current official capacity but are prohibited from campaigning while operating in their official capacity.
  21. The Central Election and Search Committee is authorized to interpret the Voting and Election Publicity guidelines and procedures, and to rule on candidates’ questions and concerns relating to them.

These Election Publicity Procedures form part of the Voting Procedures. 

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This chart shows the specifications for candidate materials for the 2018 council elections