Getting the message out

It’s been almost three months since PEO staff, volunteers and other members packed up and headed north to Thunder Bay for the association’s 95th Annual General Meeting (AGM), and this issue we offer you full coverage of the weekend events, including the business meeting, Volunteer Leadership Conference and Order of Honour gala.

This year, the AGM marked the departure of president George Comrie, P.Eng., FEC, and the welcoming of 2017-2018 President Bob Dony, PhD, P.Eng., FEC, and new councillors during the yearly turnover of PEO Council (see “Introducing PEO Council 2017-2018,” Engineering Dimensions, May/June 2017, p. 24).

As you get to know new President Dony through his President’s Message columns this year, you’ll notice his calm yet confident approach to presidency and his emphasis on a few key issues. Most notably, the University of Guelph professor is determined to make any necessary changes to help the next generation of engineering graduates make their mark on the profession, including education and curriculum enhancements that form the basis for program accreditation through Engineers Canada’s Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, which reviews engineering undergraduate programs and certifies new degree programs, and (hopefully) lead to PEO licensure. We let Bob explain how a focus on the future is especially important, given the rapidly evolving specialties within the profession, in “Changing demographics an opportunity not to be missed” on page 28.

On the subject of education, the other main focus of our July/August issue is PEO’s practice standards and guidelines and, in particular, the efforts PEO’s practice advisory group is making to raise their profile and value in providing crucial professional practice information to members. “PEO practice advisory group fine-tuning crucial information delivery service” explores the resources PEO offers to help educate members on their duties and responsibilities in various areas of practice. Traditionally, this information flows to members by way of published performance standards, practice guidelines and occasional bulletins, as well as phone hotlines and website directories. PEO, as the regulator of professional engineering, is responsible for ensuring practitioners conform to generally recognized norms of practice, so it’s crucial the practice and performance standards information is accessible, readily understood and, above all, put into practice.

It’s almost election time, so this issue we’re also including all you need to know to nominate members for the 2018 Council elections. Starting on page 42, you’ll find the call for candidates, voting procedures and election publicity procedures. Be sure to make note of the important deadlines if you want to get involved.