Beyond our control

I have just read the letters by Ronald Bradshaw, P.Eng., and Stephen Korn, P.Eng., on pages 53 and 54 of the July/August 2017 issue of Engineering Dimensions. I am not an environmental scientist who is knowledgeable about the causes and effects of global warming, but like these two fellow engineers, I have serious reservations regarding the highly flouted conclusion that the emissions of CO2 are the prime cause of global warming. My first question in this context is: What caused the CO2 emissions 10,000 years ago to spell the end of the ice age? Furthermore, with all the moneys that have been spent to combat CO2 emissions, have any results been verified? In January, I bought airline tickets to fly from Toronto to Edmonton and back. When I saw the charges on the invoice, I was astonished that the “carbon tax” that was added to the ticket price was not much less than the ticket price itself. Those kinds of expenses as well as those we spend at the gas pumps are unbelievable, and it is all based on an opinion that gives us the comfort of thinking that we are doing something useful and necessary, but I read nothing about what is being accomplished with all these efforts.

I don’t disagree that the cleaning up of our emissions is a good idea, but that can be done without the hype about reducing the rate of global warming. In my opinion, the phenomenon of global warming is largely beyond the control of humans. My confidence is in the governance of the lord of the universe, Jesus Christ, who controls all things.

Hendrik Borgdorff, P.Eng.,
Barrie, ON