Not just a theory

The letter entitled “The other side” on page 54 (Engineering Dimensions, July/August 2017) is from a climate change denier and I’m surprised you permit misinformation like this in your publication. Just a shallow look into this letter shows clear distortion of atmospheric processes and even a reference to the Heartland Institute. Clearly, this is climate change denial and sowing of doubt where there is little to no doubt. PEO needs to be properly informed by science and not by people with a vested interest in “business as usual.” Big changes are needed in our energy-use behaviour.

There are far more fossil fuels on Earth than we dare burn!

Global warming is no longer just a theory. Darwinian evolution is not just a theory. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and revolves around the sun. Please!

John Hayles, BSc, MASc, P.Eng., FEC, geophysicist,
Winnipeg, MB