PEO volunteers offered use of online expense claim system

PEO’s finance department is expanding its use of Certify software to make it easier for volunteers and staff to submit and be compensated for expenses.

Described as a fully integrated expense report and management solution, the Certify program was rolled out to PEO staff in November 2016. It was made available to volunteers in July, and some senior volunteers have already made use of the new system.

Volunteers can continue using the traditional paper-based expense payment system if they choose. Certify users, however, must be signed up for electronic funds transfer (ETF).

PEO Director of Finance Chetan Mehta says staff members have made positive use of Certify over the last several months, and the experience has allowed the finance department employees to fine-tune the expense reporting and compensation system.

Mehta says Certify allows for a 30 per cent improvement in turnaround time—that is the time elapsed between when an expense is filed and when it’s paid out to the claimant’s bank account.

Another advantage of Certify is that it eliminates the need for data entry by PEO finance department staff. It also includes enhancements, such as allowing volunteers to snap photos of receipts and submit them directly from their smart phones.

Certify comes with thorough user guides, training materials and customer support, Mehta adds. “It’s really a powerful system that supports our efforts to make the expense claiming system more transparent and comprehensive,” Mehta says.