PEO steps up PEAK communications effort

PEO’s Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program officials remain committed to an all-out communications effort as the data collection and knowledge assessment effort nears the end of its first year of operation.

The PEAK program was launched in March 2017 as a means for the regulator to gain a better understanding of members’ practice environments, and professional development and knowledge opportunities.

Since hiring PEAK Program Coordinator Arden HeerahP.Eng., in July 2017, PEO has stepped up its extensive communications effort to members. Program details have been communicated through six separate channels:

  • traditional delivery (licence renewal notices, email, regular mail, brochures);
  • Engineering Dimensions articles;
  • social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube);
  • seminars (industry groups, government agencies, consulting firms);
  • PEAK program team outreach (telephone responses, email, website technical support); and
  • PEAK program website (

At last November’s Chapter Leaders Conference in Toronto, PEO Registrar Gerard McDonald, P.Eng., updated chapter volunteers on the PEAK program rollout and urged them to consider staging local chapter events that could be eligible for knowledge activity hours (for self-declared practising engineers) under the program. Heerah emphasizes that the first year of the program is drawing near and licence holders will again be invited to complete the program when they receive their renewal notices.

As well, second-year elements of the PEAK program are now in development and will be put into effect with the next cycle of renewals and program completion responses. For more information about the program, see “A peak refresher” on page 32 of the November/December 2017 issue of Engineering Dimensions or the PEAK website at


Renewed licences: 60,472
Declared practice status: 19,853 (33 per cent of renewals)
Members practising: 15,073 (76 per cent of renewals)
Members non-practising: 4780 (24 per cent of renewals)
Completed questionnaire: 13,902 (92 per cent of practising)
Reviewed ethics module: 11,079 (56 per cent of declared)
Reported activities: 2837 (20 per cent of whom completed questionnaire)