There is a climate crisis

I am a proponent that there is a climate crisis that is significantly intensified by human activity, based on the scientific consensus. But humans seem unable to accept the scientific evidence and to implement adequate and effective strategies to combat this insidious menace. Lost in the Letters debating the credibility/urgency of climate change is the original article by Michael Mastromatteo (“Environmental concerns coaxing new levels of input from P.Engs,” Engineering Dimensions, May/June 2017, p. 40), who mentions that the 2010 Professional Engineers Act added the word “environment” to the list of things to be safeguarded by the engineering profession (p. 42). As engineers, all of us are stewards of the environment. The article quotes Tom Markowitz, P.Eng., of PEO’s West Toronto Chapter and current chair of its long-standing Environment Committee: “governments are not listening to engineers enough” and Mastromatteo emphasizes that “practitioners now and in the future will be required to communicate their expertise and their solutions more forcefully” (p. 45). So, beyond publishing letters and abiding by our code of practice, what are we engineering practitioners prepared to do?

Gord Campbell, P.Eng., London, ON