Engineering Dimensions going back to digital as default

Engineering Dimensions is reverting to the digital edition as the default delivery method following PEO Council’s decision at its February 2018 meeting.

As of the July/August 2018 issue, PEO members will receive the digital edition of the bi-monthly magazine unless they specifically request the paper edition on their online member profile in the member portal (

In addition to saving costs of printing and mailing all 80,000 paper issues, the move to default digital is in keeping with the regulator’s efforts to be more environmentally responsible in all its operations, including communications with membership.

The Council decision reverses a 2015 move to have the print edition as the default delivery option. That decision was based on reader surveys suggesting the print or hard copy edition was slightly favoured over the digital edition.

PEO introduced its digital edition of the magazine in 2008 as an environmentally friendly option for members who didn’t want to receive the paper edition. In handling the digital versus print options, PEO has had to maintain a fine balance of cost savings, environmental responsibility, the effectiveness of new communications technology and, above all, readers’ preferences.

PEO members who prefer to receive a hard copy of the magazine can update their subscription preference on PEO’s website at Simply click on the pay fees/manage accounts tab, log in to the portal and change the Engineering Dimensions delivery preference through the subscriptions tab. Going forward, a subscription preference option will also be included as part of each member’s annual renewal process.