Honour the victims, not the assailant

I am disappointed in the reporting of the December 6 ceremony (“PEO committee stages École Polytechnique memorial ceremony,” Engineering Dimensions, January/February 2018). The article states WEAC “celebrated the memory of the 14 victims.” Did this article also celebrate the memory of the 14 victims?

The previous paragraph detailed the horrific events on December 6, 1989. This account is required in order to provide historical perspective.

My issue is that the article included the name of the lone gunman and not the names of the 14 victims. This inclusion continues the memory of the gunman 28 years after the incident and may encourage like-minded individuals to complete their own horrific event (knowing they will be always be remembered). Is the naming of the gunman required editorially for a complete recounting of the event?

Ceremonies in 1989 at universities throughout Canada stated the names of the 14 victims and not the assailant. Can Engineering Dimensions not do the same 28 years later and truly honour the victims by publishing their names?

N. Andrew Billings, P.Eng., Mississauga, ON