So much for green science

I am still impressed by the two courageous letters by Ronald Bradshaw, P.Eng. (“Questioning the cause”) and Stephen Korn, P.Eng. (“The other side”) published in the July/August 2017 issue of Engineering Dimensions.

I must tag on a short version of accessory thoughts.

There is much more to say about the windmills. Windmills are not only ugly—being nothing else than shoddy energy-producing constructs, their existence is a clear choice between government tax credits and the lives of thousands of wild birds, cruelly immolated by their misguided doings. Sadly, the tax write-offs and the hypocrites win. So much for the environment.

If there was no CO2 in the atmosphere, nothing would be green. So much for green science. Indeed, some individuals display “no hope of understanding” of this problem, as recently brought up in a high-spirited letter to the editor (“No hope of understanding,” Engineering Dimensions, January/February 2018).

Carbon dioxide, when in excess, dissolves in the oceans and precipitates in form of carbonate rocks, or reefs, where life is thriving.

And if I may add: nothing is more natural than coal, minerals, natural gas or oil.

Andrew S. Block-BoltenP.Eng., Pittsburgh, PA