Welcome a designer designation

The letter entitled “Redefining engineer for the future” by B. Grant Gordon, P.Eng. (Engineering Dimensions, January/February 2018), certainly struck a chord with me. I have two degrees in physics and successfully became a P.Enga number of years ago—this designation was highly valued in both the defense and telecommunications companies for whom I worked. This was based on both the value of the designation itself to senior management in both industries (of which I was part) and the professionalism and ethics that come along with such. However, my career has spanned senior R&D positions in defense and telecommunications industries—not civil engineering—in a similar manner to Gordon, mentioned above. My research involved defense electronics, optical device development, program management and other technologies.

So, I fully support the suggestion made by Gordon. I am sure there are many of us who fully embrace the ideals and ownership that come with the P.Engdesignation but would dearly love an appropriate designation within that. “Designer” would be so appropriate.

Arthur G. Self, P.Eng., White Rock, BC