2019 Council elections call for candidates

All PEO members are invited to become candidates for the positions of president-elect, vice president, councillor-at-large and regional councillor (one for each of PEO’s five regions) on PEO Council.

1. Any member may be nominated for election to Council as president-elect, vice president or councillor-at-large, by at least 15 other members. The nomination must include at least one member resident in each region. [Regulation 941/90, s. 14(1)]

  1. The position of president-elect is for a one-year term, after which the incumbent will serve a one-year term as president and 
    a one-year term as past president.
  2. The position of vice president is for a one-year term.
  3. The councillor-at-large position is for a two-year term.

      Two councillors-at-large are to be elected in 2019.

2. Any member residing in a region may be nominated for election to Council as a regional councillor for that region by at least 15 other members who reside in the region. [Regulation 941/90, s.14(2) and s. 15.1(2)]

  1. The position of regional councillor is for a two-year term.

A member nominated for election to Council must complete a nomination acceptance form that states he or she is a Canadian citizen or has the status of a permanent resident of Canada and is a resident in Ontario [section 3(3) of the Professional Engineers Act] and consents to the nomination [Regulation 941/90, s. 15]. Nomination petitions for collection of nominators’ signatures and nomination acceptance forms may be obtained from the PEO website at www.peo.on.ca, or Ralph Martin, PEO, 40 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 101, Toronto ON M2N 6K9. Email: rmartin@peo.on.ca; Tel: 416-840-1115; 800-339-3716, ext. 1115.

Completed nomination petitions and nomination acceptance forms are to be sent only electronically and only to the chief elections officer, elections@peo.on.ca, by 4:00 p.m., November 30, 2018. No personal delivery of forms will be accepted. For further information on becoming a candidate, please refer to the 2019 Council Elections Guide posted on PEO’s website.