Former professional engineer found guilty of using professional engineer’s seal

On May 24, 2018, in Ottawa, Udo Boehme plead guilty to three counts of breaching the Professional Engineers Act by using an engineer’s seal and the title professional engineer.  

Licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) in 1985, Mr. Boehme’s licence was cancelled in 2007 and was not reinstated.  

The matter came to PEO’s attention when a building official received letters bearing Mr. Boehme’s seal stating that he had reviewed and approved the structural elements of model homes. In the course of review by the city, it was found that Boehme was not licensed as a professional engineer and Boehme was reported to PEO.

His Worship Justice of the Peace Herb Kreling, of the Ontario Court of Justice in Ottawa, sentenced Boehme to a two-year period of probation.

Nick Hambleton, associate counsel, regulatory compliance, represented PEO in this matter. PEO thanks the Ottawa building department for their diligence and co-operation in its investigation.