Keeping our food safe

May 2018

Every year, about four million Canadians are affected by a food-borne illness due to contamination at some point along the food processing chain. In Ontario, engineers are using their problem-solving [more…]

Improving healthcare one tool at a time

March 2018

Engineers are essential to the high-tech world of healthcare, from developing new diagnostic tools and rehabilitative treatments to maintaining and improving the vast amount of system support required for [more…]

Rallying to change the ratio

January 2018

Despite decades of effort to encourage more girls to consider technical careers, less than 13 per cent of practising professional engineers in Canada are women, many of whom [more…]

Welcoming innovation

September 2017

Engineers are inventors and problem-solvers by nature. Whether they’re creating self-driving cars or revolutionary medical applications, they’re changing—or will soon change—life as we know it. [more…]