The great white north

November 2018

Northern Ontario—the land “up north” from our offices in Toronto, Ontario—is somewhat of an enigma. Although it constitutes 88 per cent of the land mass [more…]

Preparing students for the future

September 2018

Hollywood directors are said to be as good as their last film. Maintaining their reputation means continuing to produce high-quality work that reflects the tastes [more…]

Learning the hard way

July 2018

I’d imagine no other experience would increase the heart rate of an engineer quite like receiving a call from PEO’s complaints department. The good news [more…]

Introducing PEO Council 2018-2019

May 2018

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE David W. Brown, P.Eng., BDS, C.E.T., IntPE, MCSCE President David Brown is both a senior managing partner and practising structural engineer with TaskForce Engineering Inc., a Belleville-based design-build firm that [more…]

What’s on the menu

May 2018

The global food system—to put it lightly—is a mess. Although our modern agricultural system is incredibly productive, it also has some serious downsides: mass-scale water [more…]

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