Preparing students for the future

September 2018

Hollywood directors are said to be as good as their last film. Maintaining their reputation means continuing to produce high-quality work that reflects the tastes [more…]

Learning the hard way

July 2018

I’d imagine no other experience would increase the heart rate of an engineer quite like receiving a call from PEO’s complaints department. The good news [more…]

Introducing PEO Council 2018-2019

May 2018

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE David W. Brown, P.Eng., BDS, C.E.T., IntPE, MCSCE President David Brown is both a senior managing partner and practising structural engineer with TaskForce Engineering Inc., a Belleville-based design-build firm that [more…]

What’s on the menu

May 2018

The global food system—to put it lightly—is a mess. Although our modern agricultural system is incredibly productive, it also has some serious downsides: mass-scale water [more…]

Good design is good medicine

March 2018

The physical environment of a hospital room, like the one on our cover, is now considered an integral part of a patient’s healing process. Multiple [more…]

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