Good design is good medicine

March 2018

The physical environment of a hospital room, like the one on our cover, is now considered an integral part of a patient’s healing process. Multiple [more…]

2018 Ontario event highlights

January 2018

National Engineering Month (NEM) is a national celebration of engineering and engineering technology that takes place in March every year. This year, Ontario is celebrating [more…]

Engineering’s hidden talent

January 2018

Last year, the Society of Women Engineers in the United States shared a collection of astonishing documents from its archives, which included letters, circa 1919, [more…]

Enter at your own risk

November 2017

“Failure to imagine the possibility of failure is the most profound mistake engineers can make.” Those were the wise words PEO Registrar Gerard McDonald, P.Eng., shared [more…]

Datepad September-November 2017

September 2017

September 2017 SEPTEMBER 13–15 North American International Powertrain Conference, Chicago, IL SEPTEMBER 15 Steel Day, across Canada SEPTEMBER 17–19 Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society [more…]

That brilliant idea

September 2017

Despite the romanticized image of the lone researcher suddenly having a eureka moment after a long day in the lab, the reality is that innovation [more…]

Getting the message out

July 2017

It’s been almost three months since PEO staff, volunteers and other members packed up and headed north to Thunder Bay for the association’s 95th Annual [more…]

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