The digital divide

November 2018

Although most Ontarians take for granted the ease with which we can do almost anything online, there are technological gaps with far-reaching consequences for remote communities [more…]

Bridging the gap

September 2018

University co-operative education programs offer engineering students valuable, hands-on experience in their chosen field, a crucial component to help bridge the gap between school, the [more…]

Beyond the blue pages

July 2018

As all regulators face increasing scrutiny over the treatment of errant practitioners through their complaints and discipline processes, PEO looks to position its own justice [more…]

Pushing the envelope

July 2018

PEO’s new president, David Brown, P.Eng., BDS, C.E.T., thrives on change, and he’s ready to steer the organization through potentially rough waters ahead. Engineer, family man, [more…]

Are GMOs safe?

May 2018

Despite some uncertainty and fear about genetically modified foods, people in the know believe they will become an increasingly important element in the worldwide food [more…]

The future of food

May 2018

When it comes to feeding the world with a growing population in an era of shrinking resources, engineers play a more critical role than ever before. [more…]

Keeping our food safe

May 2018

Every year, about four million Canadians are affected by a food-borne illness due to contamination at some point along the food processing chain. In Ontario, engineers are using their problem-solving [more…]

Peak turns one

May 2018

One year after PEO rolled out its Practice Evaluation and Knowledge program we look at the results of the association’s efforts and what’s in store for the future. [more…]

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