Improving healthcare one tool at a time

March 2018

Engineers are essential to the high-tech world of healthcare, from developing new diagnostic tools and rehabilitative treatments to maintaining and improving the vast amount of system support required for [more…]

Lean, green and digital

March 2018

The vision for the new, state-of-the-art Humber River Hospital didn’t come overnight—it is the result of exhaustive engineering and design analysis and the belief that if [more…]

25 outstanding female engineers

January 2018

How the engineering profession can increase the representation of women is a well-documented dilemma, but it only tells part of the story. There are women in [more…]

Reaching 30 by 30

January 2018

While encouraging more women to join the engineering profession seems like a tall order, the clinical engineering field is a good place to start. The [more…]

Rallying to change the ratio

January 2018

Despite decades of effort to encourage more girls to consider technical careers, less than 13 per cent of practising professional engineers in Canada are women, many of whom [more…]

How safe can you really make it?

November 2017

Guarding against complacency and an overreliance on past success is a new imperative for engineers looking to advance a culture of safety across all industries. [more…]

Welcoming innovation

September 2017

Engineers are inventors and problem-solvers by nature. Whether they’re creating self-driving cars or revolutionary medical applications, they’re changing—or will soon change—life as we know it. [more…]

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