So much for green science

May 2018

I am still impressed by the two courageous letters by Ronald Bradshaw, P.Eng. (“Questioning the cause”) and Stephen Korn, P.Eng. (“The other side”) published in [more…]

Thanks for focusing on women

March 2018

Thanks for putting the focus on women in engineering in the current issue (January/February 2018) of Engineering Dimensions. As a woman and mechanical engineer, I thoroughly enjoyed [more…]

There is a climate crisis

March 2018

I am a proponent that there is a climate crisis that is significantly intensified by human activity, based on the scientific consensus. But humans seem [more…]

Risk management for engineers

January 2018

I enjoyed reading the article “How safe can you really make it?” in the November/December 2017 issue of Engineering Dimensions. About 25 years ago we asked [more…]

Safety in manufacturing

January 2018

I opened my Engineering Dimensions today, excited to see the cover addressing the topic of safety. Then I read the article “How safe can you really make [more…]

No hope of understanding

January 2018

I have just read some of the letters to the editor in the September/October 2017 edition of Engineering Dimensions, and I am dumbfounded by the extent [more…]

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