Affected by politics

July 2017

Regarding rescinding the industrial exception, there was a great deal of interest in doing this in the best interest of public safety, however, I feel [more…]

Part-time work option

May 2017

I read “Retaining female talent across all levels” with interest (Engineering Dimensions, March/April 2017). My response: YES!  I have a degree in electrical engineering. I [more…]

A closer look

May 2017

Mark Bowling’s article “Retaining female talent across all levels” (Engineering Dimensions, March/April 2017) provides some reasons for a “noticeable gap in base pay between men [more…]

On-the-job learning

May 2017

There is a current push in PEO to make CPD (continuing professional development) courses mandatory. It is believed that engineers would be maintaining professional standards [more…]

Use of “consulting engineers”

March 2017

The Gazette article “What’s in a name? PEO’s restrictions on using engineering terms in business and corporate names” in the January/February 2017 issue of Engineering [more…]

Comply and move on

March 2017

At the Algo Centre Mall collapse inquiry, the inquiry commissioner, based on information presented, noted that PEO has a deficiency in that PEO has no [more…]

Life as an engineer

March 2017

“P.Eng.” is obsolete. I hope that catches your attention. Our formal organizations wring their hands for years over things like the industrial exception, yet thousands [more…]

Build locally

March 2017

The latest Engineering Dimensions included the article “Engineers still among leaders in meeting diversity challenge” and provided statistics regarding the number of international engineers coming [more…]

Where we stand

January 2017

I want to congratulate George Comrie on his President’s Message “Competence assurance for professional engineers” in the current issue of Engineering Dimensions (November/December 2016, p. [more…]

A burden to members

January 2017

The President’s Message “Competence assurance for professional engineers” in the November/December issue (p. 3) was very thoughtfully written but leaves the impression that there is [more…]

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