Our privileged self-regulation

September 2016

The May/June 2016 issue of Engineering Dimensions contains an inaugural address by President George Comrie, P.Eng., FEC, of profound importance to all PEO members who [more…]

Certification too restrictive

July 2016

I continue to be concerned about the licensing/certification and industrial exception policies of PEO. I think we are putting ourselves into very tight-fitting silos. I [more…]

The many uses of stainless steel

July 2016

Re: Letter to the Editor entitled “Stainless steel for rebar?” Scott Hogg, P.Eng., Engineering Dimensions, May/June 2016. Mr. Hogg suggests that stainless steel (SS) should [more…]

Opinion, not fact

July 2016

I realize that the magazine does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the council of the association but it should not present the biased opinion [more…]

Welcoming CPD

May 2016

I see a lot of discussion over the CPD program. I am a recent grad, and although I am not excited to see more education [more…]

Stainless steel for rebar?

May 2016

My specialty is finding nickel and chromite deposits and for many years I have wondered why stainless steel has not been used for rebar in [more…]

Broken bolt theory

May 2016

I noticed the article by Michael Mastromatteo on the Nipigon River Bridge (Engineering Dimensions, March/April 2016, p. 16). Re the broken bolts, I had a [more…]

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