Fuel cells at what cost?

May 2016

In the March/April issue of Engineering Dimensions a Queen’s University academic presents an interesting proposal. It is suggested that the federal government be encouraged to [more…]

Fuel cells not practical

May 2016

Re: “Fuel cell systems for remote communities,” Engineering Dimensions, March/April 2016, p. 43 With all due respect, I was appalled that PEO would publish this [more…]

An integrated energy system

May 2016

As a 55-year PEO member and purveyor of Canada’s economic growth over the decades, I feel compelled to respond to the President’s Message in the [more…]

Responding to Mr. Baigent

March 2016

As the deputy registrar of regulatory compliance at PEO, I’d like to respond to the letter “Decrease in discipline?” in the January/February 2016 issue of [more…]

Returning to print

March 2016

To help you keep the cost of the membership low, I suggested 10 years ago to go online with Engineering Dimensions and for only those [more…]

Rejecting CPD

March 2016

Competency is learning by doing, not by filling out annual forms and logging professional development hours. You are competent or not competent, and how you [more…]

Making our position known

March 2016

As an attendee at PEO’s town hall meeting in November and an opponent of CPD, I disagree with Annette Bergeron’s [P.Eng., then the chair of [more…]

Council composition imbalanced

March 2016

Your piece titled “A PEO council who’s who” in the January/February 2016 issue of Engineering Dimensions (p. 38) was apposite and useful to our members. [more…]

Return to print

January 2016

I used to look through each print issue, reading certain articles. I have only attempted to open the new digital edition twice, because it is [more…]

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